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New partnership with Cultural Infusion

Travels With Music has joined forces with Sound Infusion to begin development on what is destined to become the premiere interactive learning site for musical cultures on the web. The two company’s partnership crosses the Pacific ocean, uniting San Francisco based Listen for Life with Melbourne based Cultural Infusion, the parent companies of these exciting initiatives.

Travels with Music and Sound Infusion will be restructured to align with new curriculum standards, user experience design principles and effective learning interactions to bring you a highly effective learning resource. While music is the center of our program, our innovative integrated lesson plans incorporate language learning, geography, history, sociology, diversity studies and more.

Travels With Music:

A multimedia exploration of world cultures, with music as your guide. Experience the richness and diversity of our world’s cultures through 300 video and audio segments, arranged in 30 Units – a total of 6 hours of content that will engage, entertain and educate!

Travels With Music™ is ideal for K12 classroom, homeschool, after-school & youth group instruction across curriculum areas:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • Language
  • Tolerance
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Special Education

Each of the 30 Units includes the following:

  • A multimedia Introduction to each culture, with perspective on the origins and history of that culture, the geography in which it resides, the people that make up that culture, their traditions, language(s), music, customs, and other features that make that culture unique.
  • Introduction to the Master Musicians and instruments from that culture.
  • In-depth interviews with the Master Musicians about their backgrounds, their family, their traditions, their music, their musical influences, their way of life – essentially, a “day-in-the-life” of that culture.
  • Interviews are in each Master Musician’s native language, with English language voiceover.
  • Multimedia segments featuring the Master Musicians explaining the origins of each of their instruments, and then playing those instruments in studio and in live settings, accompanied by rich visuals from each Master Musician’s country/culture.

Teacher’s Guide: click here.
Academic Standards Alignments: click here.
Testimonials, cultures & artists: click here.


Free Unit!

In order to provide you with the opportunity to sample Travels With Music™, we’re pleased to offer you access to a complete Unit from the program.

All you need do is click on the image to the right to access a Unit from Travels With Music™ on Peru.

This Unit features Peruvian Master Musician Lalo Izquierdo. Dedicated to preserving the rhythms and dances of Afro-Peruvian culture, Lalo is highly skilled at playing a number of instruments native to Peru.

Among those instruments is Quijada de Burro, a shaker and scraper instrument made from the jaw of a donkey! Enjoy!

Danongan Kalanduyan Kulintang Ensemble
Philippines Kulintang
Alam Khan Live Solo
India Sarode
Yuri Yanakov Bulgaria Saxophone
Bulgaria Rom Saxophone
Hong Wang Matouquin
China Matouquin
Winnie Wong Guzheng
China Guzheng
Aziz Faye Senegal Drumming
Senegal Drumming
Midiyanto Gamelan
Indonesia Java Gamelan
Sukhawat Ali Khan Pakistan Harmonium
Pakistan Harmonium
Lalo Izquierdo Quijada De Burro
Peru Donkey Jaw
Rafael Manriquez El Charango
Chile Charango
Yair Dalal Live Oud Solo
Israel Oud
Aziz El Achhab Moroccan Violin
Morocco Violin


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Click on image above to access a Free Unit Preview – Peru!

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Music, culture & geography of Bulgaria!
Music, culture & geography of Chile!
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Music, culture and geography of Morocco!
Music, culture and geography of Nigeria!
Music, culture and geography of Pakistan!
Music, culture and geography of Peru!
Music, culture and geography of the Philippines!
Music, culture and geography of Senegal!
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