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Listen for Life Launches “Travels With Music” – Use Music to Explore World Cultures 04/05/2014

Oakland, California – April 3, 2014 – Listen for Life™, a global nonprofit music-media organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of music culture worldwide, created Travels With Music™ to introduce students to world cultures, using music as the gateway.

The multimedia program explores the richness and diversity of 15 world cultures – Bulgaria, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, the Philippines, Trinidad, and the USA – through the use of 300 video and audio segments that comprise six hours of classroom instruction. The unique and engaging content in Travels With Music is ideal for instruction in history, geography, ESL/EFL/TESOL, cultural diversity, cultural literacy, music and tolerance. Available as both an online subscription and on DVD, Travels With Music introduces each culture by providing perspective on its origins and history, its surrounding geography, and what makes that culture unique in terms of its customs, traditions, language(s), and music.

“Listen for Life has amassed the largest and most unique collection of broadcast-quality video and audio assets from music cultures around the globe, including performance footage of Master Musicians playing native instruments, and in-depth interviews with them about their culture, their inspiration, their way of life and their music,” said Mark Mallardi, CEO of Listen for Life. “We have shaped this rich video and audio content into a highly engaging instructional program that helps teachers immerse students in world cultures, whether that teacher is in a traditional classroom or homeschool setting.”

Travels With Music introduces the musical instruments native to each culture, and enables students to see and hear Master Musicians showcasing their instruments through instruction and performance footage. A comprehensive downloadable Teacher’s Guide provides background information for each culture and musician, a Glossary of Music Terms, and a series of multiple choice questions for assessment of each unit. Individual subscriptions, as well as DVDs or DVD-ROMs, are sold for $69.95 each. Teachers with online subscriptions may purchase student accounts for $10 per student.

To learn more or purchase Travels With Music, visit www.travelswithmusic.com.

About Listen for Life™ and Travels With Music ™

Listen for Life is a global non-profit music-media organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of music culture worldwide. Headquartered in Oakland, California, Listen for Life has affiliate studios/production facilities in 45 countries worldwide, and owns over 400 hours of proprietary, fully rights-cleared video content of Master Musicians from around the globe performing original music compositions on instruments native to their cultures, and being interviewed in their native languages about their culture, their customs, their inspiration and their way of life.

Travels With Music, a production of Listen for Life, leads K12 classrooms and homeschoolers on an interactive exploration of 15 world cultures, with Master Musicians as their guides. Students will experience the richness and diversity of our world’s cultures through 300 video and audio segments, arranged in 30 Units (two Units per culture), comprising a total of six hours of course content. For more information about Travels With Music, visit www.travelswithmusic.com. You can also connect with Travels With Music on Facebook and BuzcastTV.

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Classroom Blues…

Love the Blues like we do? Then you’ll enjoy this Blues “primer” from Ronnie Stewart, USA Blues Master Musician. Like us on Facebook, and experience our full catalog of Master Musicians from around the globe!

Ronnie Stewart, a guitarist turned historian, has been dedicated to promoting the Blues for many years. Stewart is the founder, executive director and music historian for the Bay Area Blues Society located in Oakland, California.

Blues Roots
The Blues as a musical style originated during the 1800′s on slave-owning plantations in the South. Influenced by music from their countries of origin, enslaved Africans would sing spiritual hymns and work chants while they were laboring in the fields. The songs evolved from hymns into a method called “call and response”, where the lyrics often voiced personal sorrow and hardship and served as an emotional release for both the singers and the “audience” (or the responding groups). The name “the Blues” actually comes from a folk saying about “having a bout of the blue devils,” which meant “to be sad or depressed.” In the 1930′s, the Blues spread to the Midwest, and later evolved into a different musical genre called Rhythm and Blues, which in turn eventually led to Rock and Roll.

Blues Styles
There are several different styles of Blues music today. The Delta Blues is one of the original styles of Blues, which began in the Mississippi Delta region of the country, popularizing the harmonica and the slide guitar. Several other variations of the Blues exist, and have evolved specifically in different regions of the United States. During the early 1900′s, African American workers who migrated to the northern cities added electric guitar, saxophone and piano to the Delta Blues, adding a whole new flavor to this musical genre in regions such as Chicago and Detroit. The Louisiana Blues, however, tends to have a more laid-back rhythm and uses guitar and harmonica with a lot of echo. The Texas Blues draws on swing and jazz influences. In the 1940′s, the Texas region developed Boogie-Woogie, a rhythmic way of playing Blues piano, influenced by a popular musical style of the time, called ragtime.




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