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We hope that you’ve enjoyed your experience with Travels With Music!

We invite your feedback – please contact us with any and all questions, requests, suggestions for improvement, and anything else that you’d like to share with us. In particular, we’re anxious to hear from you regarding the cultures that we’ve already selected to profile on Travels With Music™, and those that you’d like us to profile in the future. We sincerely want Travels With Music™ to be the premier supplemental educational program for K12 classroom, homeschool, after-school and youth group instruction, whether your area of specialization is Cultural Diversity, Cultural Literacy, ESL/EFL/TESOL, Language, Geography, History, Music, Tolerance, Anti-Bullying or Special Education.

Given the challenges that educators face, and the seemingly overwhelming nature of the responsibilities they bear, it is our express purpose to support them in any way possible. Consistent with our corporate mission to preserve, evangelize and advocate on behalf of under-served music cultures around the world, we’ve designed Travels With Music™ to enable the work of these master musicians to be seamlessly integrated into the classroom learning experience. By so doing, we hope that we’ve provided educators with a resource that makes the classroom and homeschool instructional experience at once more engaging, more productive, and more fun!

The only way for us to know whether we’ve achieved these stated aims is to hear from you! Please share with us your challenges, your obstacles, your needs and your success stories. We want to know how you envision applying Travels With Music™ in your classroom, and once you’ve done so, we want to hear the results! Did the program live up to your expectations? Did it fall short? Did your kids enjoy it? What are your favorite parts of the program? What could we have done differently? What could we have done better?

Your success is our success! Now, it’s your turn – let’s hear from you!


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