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Lalo Izquierdo is a very talented percussionist, dancer, choreographer, and instructor from Lima, Peru. He has dedicated his life’s work to recording and preserving the rhythms and dances of Afro-Peruvian culture. Izquierdo has traveled globally to teach and perform. He currently plays the cajon with the ensemble Karumanta, and shares his culture of music and dance by teaching at numerous universities and schools worldwide.


Quijada de burro, a shaker and scraper instrument from Peru, translates to “jaw of a donkey.” After a donkey has died, the jaw is removed and left to dry out. Then the teeth are carefully loosened so they will be able to produce a rattling sound. The quijada can be used either as a shaker or a scraper instrument, depending on the sound and rhythm desired.

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The Travels With Music™ program includes a total of 6 hours of course content, comprised of 300 individual video and audio segments that collectively cover 15 world cultures, with two units per culture, for a total of 30 units. We have attempted to offer as broad a selection of world cultures as possible, covering the full expanse of the globe. To the left you will find a summary of the regions of the world, and the cultures within, which make up Travels With Music™.

It is our intention to continually add new music cultures to the Travels With Music™ program. In fact, we already have enough footage in our content library to enable us to add as many as 45 additional cultures to the Travels With Music™ program. To facilitate our efforts, we would be very interested in hearing from you as to which cultures you would most like to see added to the program. Please let us know!

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