8787327Hi from Donna! I know, it’s been a long time since you heard from us…lots of travel, speaking/performing, grant-writing, listening, and….just lots of LIFE going on – and I hope you are being blest with the same. Your inbox has probably been swamped this week about #GivingTuesday requests from all of us non-profits and charities worldwide, so I thank you for opening this, because I had a brainstorm of how we could instead help YOU (or others you know) so please, don’t quit now – read on, wherever in the planet this happens to find you!

Starting TODAY, on #GivingTuesday, Listen for Life will GIVE to anyone who contacts us, from anywhere in the world, one complimentary (unique) permanent password to access our award-winning online Travels with Music series, hoping that you, in turn, can give it as a gift to a favorite teacher in your life so they don’t have to save up their own pennies or convince their schools to purchase it!Bit of quick background first: Most of you know about LFL’s cross-cultural video series, TWM (www.travelswithmusic.com). This year we released a new version, and it’s won a 2014 Telly Award and a 2014 Tech&Learning award! But what’s even more exciting for us is that teachers worldwide are using these unique music videos and interviews to teach ELL (English Language Learners), literacy, social studies, global citizenship, geography, history, multicultural diversity studies, self esteem/anti-bullying programs, cultural appreciation/conflict resolution programs, language studies, music/arts, and all after-school or homeschooling programs….Christmas CarolersBUT sadly many teachers around the planet don’t have the time to wait for their schools to acquire the TWM program and they don’t have the funds to acquire it themselves for their classrooms or for their own use at home. That’s where you (and we) come in –

As I said up top: Starting TODAY, on #GivingTuesday, LFL will GIVE to anyone who contacts us, one complimentary (unique) password to access the complete online TWM series, so that you in turn can give it as a gift to a favorite teacher in your life and they don’t have to save up their own pennies or convince their schools to purchase it!

Don’t know any teachers or homeschooling parents? well, we’ve learned that arm-chair travelers aged 3-93 love receiving this program as a gift too! Or you can just keep the password and enjoy the 300 music videos and cross-cultural adventures for yourself!
So – contact us to receive a complimentary TWM password that you can “pass on” to someone special, today or in the near future! It’s that simple – contact Listen for Life’s executive director Peter Maund so he can create a unique password just for you!

His email is pmaund@listenforlife.org or you can phone Listen for Life (+1 510 540 8136) or text us on +1 408 406 6240 or contact us on our LFL and TWM social media pages – anything! just contact us today!

Of course, as the founder of a global non-profit/charity, I guess I would be shirking my duty on #GivingTuesday if I don’t also remind you to think about making that all-important end-of-year donation to your favorite organizations…and of course we hope Listen for Life is one of them (grin)! LFL could help provide TWM or life-changing MusicMessage Campaigns (live events teaching the power of music) to a lot more schools worldwide in 2015 if we have your help at the end of this year (just go to listenforlife.org and click the donate button, or get in touch with me)!

But right now – today – I’m more excited about seeing how many TWM passwords we can help spread to deserving teachers around the world (and around the neighborhood!)….. so PLEASE contact us right now, before you forget! Email Peter, phone Andy, text me – you get the picture! And have a GREAT #GivingTuesday surprising a special teacher in your life with a major “thank you” gift!
and thanks for listening!

{see an unedited rough-cut video of Donna’s recent TEDx presentation, on the home page of her brand new website at www.donnastoering.com – Same look and feel as her previous site, but the text and content’s all new, so take a peek!}


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