“Travel the globe with this diverse collection of rare video & audio!”
Edutopia Magazine (George Lucas Educational Foundation)

The reason we’re inviting you on this journey is really very simple:

Unique MUSIC + Inspiring STORIES = Amazing CONTENT

Content that:





Inspires Interest

Enlivens Traditions

Builds Understanding of Others

Nourishes the Soul

Travels With Music gives a voice to the life experiences of music masters from all cultures. 

As they share their stories, and demonstrate their particular instrumental traditions, they are preserving their culture and heritage for future generations. But in the “here and now”, they are also helping:

Teachers seeking a unique, award-winning cross-cultural tool for teaching K-12 core subjects 

Armchair Travelers, Families, and Music Listeners who want to experience a new culture or sound

Musicians of the World, seeking to participate, and Storytellers/Videographers wanting to help them

TWM is for everyone!

So come with us – experience the cultures of the world, with their master musicians as your tour guides!