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There are so many different ways to use or enjoy Travels With Music™! Here are just a few ideas:


It has become a popular (and interesting!) activity to trace the many strands of heritage that make up one’s genealogy or DNA – so why not also research one’s cultural DNA and musical genealogy? 

We hope that family members of all generations can listen together to the stories shared in these TWM videos and be inspired to start your own research: talk to relatives or community members and see how many different musical strands and traditions enrich your own heritage. 

We hope that younger generations can be inspired to ask questions about their own background and traditions, gain a new respect for their own culture and a new appreciation for their own heritage, while also learning the family stories/memories that they can someday pass on to others. 

If you have family game nights or parties, get inspired by the stories on TWM about how some of these unusual instruments were made using materials of everyday life. Challenge each other, perhaps in a timed race, to use materials found in the home to invent new “instruments” that create sound; then have fun “playing” them all together to a pre-determined song or rhythm.

Armchair Travelers/Listeners:

People of all countries agree that one of the main benefits of travel is the experience of other cultures’ traditions, values, lifestyles, food, clothing, and the music they listen to or create…..As one of our TWM artists says in his video interview, “our music expresses our souls, our memories, our very life experience – if you know my music, you know my culture and you know me.” 

For those who cannot travel in person to experience another country or culture at this time, Travels With Music™ offers a unique alternative, where the music and stories can open a window. You can even contact the artists themselves – they would love to hear from you! 

For those who do have plans to travel to one of these destinations in the near future, TWM offers an important opportunity to learn about the culture, traditions, and heritage before embarking on your trip! The master musicians of each culture act as your tour guides and give a glimpse of what it is like to be a musician and individual in that community. 

For music listeners who may or may not count themselves as “World Music” fans, our TWM artists have an important message for you: So much of “world music” today includes amplified or electronic sounds, fused with modern instruments. The majority of the artists we feature dedicate their lives to preserve acoustic instrumental traditions that go back hundreds or thousands of years. The sounds these instruments create are unique, as are their stories! Our artists therefore prefer the title “Music of the World”.

Check out the Instrument Petting Zoo on this website, for information about the instruments you will hear in these videos. See if you can recognize the various sounds and identify the instruments from those descriptions. Enjoy!

Instrument Petting Zoo:

One of the ways to enjoy TWM is to challenge yourself to recognize the sound and identify each of the instruments used in the videos! You can learn about each instrument by clicking the button below:

Musicians of the World:

Most creative artists love to discover new sounds and instruments that they might not have experienced previously. We have heard from many musicians around the globe about their excitement in seeing these TWM videos and enjoying the shared stories with which they can so easily identify. 

But, what about you? Do you have a tradition and story to share, from your culture and from your life experience as a musician within that culture? We would love to hear from you and help you share your culture and personal story with the world, on TWM. Contact us! 


We believe that all cultures have equal value and that each individual has an important story to share. Master musicians who represent their cultures and are the “holders” of their traditions, particularly, have stories that need to be told, celebrated, and shared – in order to both preserve their cultures and inspire future generations of musicians. 

We started creating TWM when we learned from ethnomusicologists that we were in danger of losing music cultures at the rate of 5 per year, around the globe.  Just like spoken languages that are nearing extinction, tribes or cultures fear the same fate for their musical languages, when they for the first time have instruments in their villages or communities that no one can remember how to play. So we wanted to identify the music masters of as many cultures as possible, ask them questions, and give them the chance to share their stories on global media. 

The initial cultures and artist represented here are just the beginning. If you feel inspired by this quest, and are passionate about helping people tell (and share) their stories, we invite you to join us! 

  • We can suggest ways to research and discover the music masters in your community, country, or culture worldwide. 
  • Or if you already know of a musician whom you feel would be great for this award-winning series, let us know. 
  • Contact us, and we will send you interview questions that the artists seem to appreciate, helping them share their stories in a personal way or leading to spontaneous performances. 

TWM is a curated platform, both on this website and on its related YouTube channel. We cannot include every video story submitted to us but we do encourage you to use your videography and story-telling skills to enrich our world with the discovery of ever more musicians and their cultures.