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TWM has been shown to be an effective, creative learning tool, equally useful in:

A Classroom

Online Program

Homeschool Environment

Project-based Learning

We’ve been delighted to discover that TWM is being used very successfully as a unique cross-cultural (standards aligned!) resource for teaching K-12 students in: 

  • social studies
  • history
  • geography
  • global citizenship
  • literacy
  • special needs/alternative programs
  • conflict resolution/bullying prevention
  • music
  • and more!

Other examples for the use of Travels With Music™:

TWM has been made mandatory viewing for university freshmen as part of their cultural diversity training, but it is also used by early elementary programs for storytelling, cultural discovery and music-based activities. 

Alternative high schools through the USA and abroad have enjoyed encouraging their students to build independent study projects around the TWM videos (in social studies, history and media studies, for example) or design Apps that create games to help us seek for music masters in their own communities. 

Homeschool leaders have had students of various ages to work together building drums after watching the TWM videos of the drum-making process in different cultures, then hiking in nature to find usable materials most similar to the process they chose to emulate.

• We have moved all of the TWM videos to our YouTube Channel:

• We have teachers creating activities and sample lesson plans:

• We have established TWM user-groups on these social media sites:

We continue to edit and update our 70+ page TWM Teacher’s Guide containing a glossary, video outlines, wonderful group-discussion questions, and individual study or project ideas. We can provide a digital copy of the Guide if you contact us (we love hearing from teachers and learning your stories of music and culture, and how you are using TWM!)

We would request a $10 donation to help us cover the updates of the guide, the maintenance and hosting of this site, and our continued gathering/editing of new videos, but if that is financially not feasible at this time just let us know and we will still provide the guide for all teachers who wish to use it.


“Do you know what a Chinese guzheng sounds like? Or a Bulgarian doumbek? We can learn a tremendous amount about the world through its myriad musical instruments — and the vast array of cultures that surround them. Travel the globe with this diverse collection of rare video footage and audio clips, and discover along the way how a West African djembe is made, or what role a donkey jaw plays in a Peruvian ensemble. Meet the musicians, read (and hear) the history of specific instruments and musical forms, and gather a new musical vocabulary (such as chordophone or parlando rubato). Students everywhere will appreciate this exciting aggregation of one of humanity’s most treasured art forms.”
Edutopia (George Lucas Educational Foundation)
"This is a great Social Studies enrichment tool!”
Teaching PreK-8
"10 out of 10 for Educational Value!"
Children’s Technology
“I got hold of this program for use with my sociology and global studies students but have just lost my entire weekend enjoying the videos and the fantastic musicians – I am hooked and I know the students will love it as well!"
“Ever since I introduced our 8 year old son to your program, I cannot pull him away from the home computer – any visitor coming to the house gets immediately shown his favorite new culture and instrument!"
D.M., “Teaching for Change”, Washington D.C.